What is POS System?

POS systems in Abu Dhabi. POS machine suppliers and dealers in Abu Dhabi. Point of sale systems are systems that empower the business exchange between the customer and the company to be completed. POS system is a computerized network that comprises of the main PC connected with few checkout terminals and supported by various hardware features beginning from barcode scanners and ending with card payment terminals.
The point of sale (or POS) in retail industries utilizes a combination of software as well as hardware. This may incorporate a manual or electronic cash register, weighing scales, scanners, touch screen terminals, and a wide variety of other bits and bobs.

Here’s a list of the metrics you’re POS system should be able to offer you:

Sales by item
Sales by employee
Shift reports
Sales by department and category
Sales by customer
Sales by discount
Sales by payment type (cash, credit or debit card, gift card, or EBT)
Inventory value
Product reorder reports
Cash drawer activity such as pay-ins and payouts

Types of POS Systems

Mobile Point-of-Sale

Smartphone POS services can process payments and deal some inventory and client data.Much of the time, the application is free in exchange for payment processing. Most deposit processors will send you the credit card reader for free. This is a reasonable point-of-sale option if you do not manage a lot of inventory and you need to be mobile. Most will work with a convenient receipt printer, or you can email receipts to your clients directly from the application.

Tablet POS

iPad and Android point-of-sale solutions are progressively popular, since they require minimal upfront investment and you can frequently utilize a tablet that you already own. Some tablet POS services are “free" with credit card preparing; others require a low monthly subscription charge but enable you to choose your own credit card processor. Many help compatible hardware for example, barcode readers, money drawers and tablet stands. Some are rather basic applications; others can manage complex inventory situations and employee time tracking.

Terminal POS
Terminal point-of-sale systems are the type you are used to finding in businesses at the counter. While they are hardware/software-based, most still expect access to the web and might even utilize cloud-based software. They are regularly sold in all-in-one solutions including barcode scanners, cash drawers and such.

Online Point-of-Sale
With an online POS, you can utilize your own hardware. Hardware may be a PC or a tablet. Another advantage is that the startup expenses are negligible. PC solutions can’t replace the convenience of a touchscreen; however, if your business is low-volume, high-ticket-price, it might prove speedy enough to suit your needs. Low-volume also makes the utilizes of a standard printer feasible. Online solutions can be signed into from anyplace, using any device.

Self-Service Kiosk POS
Most kiosk POS systems are specialized solutions planned for a specific purpose. For instance, you may offer a self-service kiosk for patrons to buy film tickets, or you may have one to manage parking space time and payments. Another helpful option is setting up a few kiosks in your large retail store for your clients to look up pricing and product availability.

Key benefits of POS software are:

Improved customer service
Simplified stock management
Better financial reporting
Streamlined business operations
Optimized record keeping
Accelerated transactions
Easier employee management